Academic Excellence Study Groups

MESA Structured Study Groups

The Structured Study Groups are weekly study sessions designed to help students at all levels of ability navigate the challenges of STEM courses and develop the skills necessary to succeed in their courses.

These structured study groups meet each week for one hour to review course material, identify problem areas in the course they may be having difficulty with and prepare for exam taking with the goal that students will gain a deeper understanding of the material they are learning in their courses through consistent practice, feedback and collaboration with classmates on their performance. Students who attend have found them extremely helpful.

Project Description

Students participate in an AEW Self-Directed Study Group for the spring semester through the MESA program. All SRJC students are eligible to participate in an AEW; however, only MESA students are eligible for consideration for a MESA program stipend.  

  • Must register as an AEW participant by completing a participation and stipend agreement
  • Must agree to schedule 10 study group sessions (determined at first meeting);
  • On a rotational basis for each session, must agree to submit a “session starter” question to the student group leader tutor (determined at the first meeting).
For an AEW stipend reward
  • Must be a MESA enrolled student (verified by MESA Program)
  • Must attend 80% of the scheduled group meeting (verified via attendance forms);
  • Must receive a B or better as a final grade in the class (verified via A&R).
Stipend Payment

A one-time stipend payment of $150.00 will be authorized upon posting of the final course grade and a check mailed to the eligible student identified below by July 30th of the academic year. The stipend payment will be processed through the SRJC Foundation Office.