The NCAS Summer 2018 program experience was truly rewarding. I gained so much inspiration and education while being at NASA Ames. For the first time in my life I felt as if I found my place in the world. The NASA environment is filled with like minded people who have passion, integrity, and a good work ethic. I was extremely astounded with the schedule that you and your team created for us community college students, thank you for all the time and energy you took to give me a life changing experience. I finally know now, why I am going through the rigorous academic process. I could see myself at NASA for the entirety of my career life and I would be happy.


I can now go into the Fall semester excited and energized, knowing that it will bring me closer to a fulfilling career. Also all of the leaders at NCAS who worked the Headquarters were so kind, funny, and encouraging. I especially want to thank the MESA Program at Santa Rosa Junior College. If it weren't for the MESA Program for sharing this opportunity with its students I would have missed out on the best week of my life at NASA! Thank you so much! I now have tons of connections, letters of rec, and so much more! This is just the beginning.