• MESA Industry Partners

    Students meet some of our local industry partners

MESA Industry Partners

MESA Industry Partners

Local industry, government and educational representatives, including MESA alumni, participate on SRJC’s MESA Industry Advisory Board to provide strategic planning assistance, scholarships, summer internships, field trips and other resources to student enrolled in MESA. The board is a valuable connection between the students and companies that recognize MESA’s success in helping to develop the workforce of technical professionals that industry needs. 

At the local level, MESA’s partnership with business enables the program to flourish and remain relevant to the ever-changing demands of a technology-based society.  MESA relies on industry to provide guidance to faculty and students, to act as career role models and mentors, and to advance MESA’s overall objectives.  Each member of the MESA Local Industry Advisory Board is asked to attend one 90-minute meeting each fall in order to help establish program goals and supporting activities.

In addition, board members may also support the MESA program by helping in one of the following areas:

· Volunteering for STEM Shadow Day
· Creating internship opportunities
· Donating to the SRJC MESA Foundation Scholarship Fund
· Sponsoring a student research project and poster presentation
· Volunteering at MESA outreach events and special events
· Hosting MESA students at a company orientation and tour 
· Donating technology and resource materials to the MESA Student Study Center

For most Board members, their enrichment service is linked to our annual STEM Shadow Day, a classroom guest speaker activity, or a project specific to a company or industry (e.g. Keysight Technologies’ Introduce a Girl to Engineering or United Way’s Schools of Hope events).  Benefits of participation include connecting with local youth, actively supporting the growth of STEM related industries in the region and state, assisting with the development of a highly skilled local workforce.