MESA Tutors

Our Tutoring Services

The backbone of MESA’s academic assistance is the peer tutors who are always on hand when you need assistance.

The MESA team of tutors is composed of well-prepared SRJC science, technology, engineering and mathematics transfer students who have successfully completed the course they are tutoring. We ensure that our tutors are well prepared to serve you in a transfer level math or science course. Our tutors are all part of MESA themselves in order to foster communication and team work among all MESA students.

Drop-in Academic Tutoring

If you want assistance with transfer level math or science course, drop by the MESA center, located on the 3rd floor of the Bertolini Building.

Tutoring by Appointment

Have a test coming up? Or just need a little extra support?

Schedule an appointment with a MESA tutor ahead of time and have the help you need guaranteed!

Using the "Schedule an Appointment" feature will allow you to search for a tutor with expertise in the class you want and to make a 30-minute one-on-one appointment with that tutor.  All scheduled tutoring appointments take place in the MESA Center. For spring 2018, tutoring by appointment will begin the week of Jan. 29 2018.