Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement


The Mission

Established in 1970, the statewide California Community College MESA Program’s mission is to serve educationally and economically disadvantaged students majoring in calculus-based majors, so they can excel in math and science and attain STEM degrees from four-year institutions.


With academic advising, professional mentoring, academic assistance, drop-in tutoring, small group study sessions and transfer counseling, MESA provides an environment that allows students to succeed and transfer to earn a STEM bachelor's degree.


Statewide MESA programs serve more than 25,000 pre-college, community college and four-year college students in California.  MESA has programs in more than 30 community colleges in California and ninety-eight percent of community college MESA students go on to four-year colleges with STEM math-based majors. The MESA Community College Program at Santa Rosa Junior Colleges serves an average of 150 STEM transfer students each year.