Enrollment Process

Thank you for expressing an interest in joining the MESA program at Santa Rosa Junior College. 

Please drop by the center and fill out a contact form to register your interest in MESA and place you on our program enrollment waitlist for academic year 2019-2020.

Students who complete the contact form will be notified when applications for academic year 2019-2020 are available.

We currently enroll new students during the summer (June 2019) via our MESA Program orientations which take place in June.

Students who turn in a MESA Program Contact Form after our summer orientations have taken place will be notified via email at the beginning of the fall semester if there are any openings. We will have a orientation during the month of October for students who qualify and wish to enroll in MESA. They will be slated to officially join the MESA Program at the beginning of the spring semester in January. 

Steps to join MESA

  1. Submit MESA Program Contact Form in the MESA Center

  2. When notified, complete a full MESA Program Enrollment application

  3. Return your application to MESA located on the 3rd floor of Bertolini Building 

  4. Plan to attend a summer MESA orientation. (Scheduled when your full MESA Program Enrollment application is received)

  5. Verify of your acceptance (Initiated by MESA)