• MESA STEM Shadow Day

    Students meet with local industry professionals at the Annual STEM Shadow Day Luncheon

STEM Shadow Day

Program Overview

STEM Shadow Day, coordinated by the Sonoma County MESA programs, matches students with employers to gain insight into technical careers. One or more students shadow a professional in their field of study, for one day during the fall academic semester. This program gives students the opportunity to observe and network with professionals, explore a career field, clarify career goals and interests, and function within a work environment. STEM Shadow Day is a two part event. 

Spring 2019 STEM Shadow Day Details

Part 1: Meet-and-Greet Luncheon – Friday, February 1, 2019 from 11:45am-1:30pm 
This first event pairs students with local STEM professionals for a “meet & greet” luncheon on the SRJC campus. The Sonoma County MESA programs coordinate all activities at no cost to all participants.

Part 2: Industry Sponsored Student Site Visit 
This part of the event is a job shadow site visit facilitated by the industry sponsor and ideally coordinated within 2-3 weeks of the luncheon. During a typical 2 - 3 hour site visit, students tour the company and "tag-along" or “shadow” their sponsor through a typical work day.  Industry mentors are encouraged to provide detailed and technical insights on a project, as this increases a student’s knowledge and motivates content learning.


The students participating are members of the SRJC and SSU MESA and STEM programs.
They include various STEM majors of Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Health Science, Biology and Computer Science. The industry participants consist of Sonoma County technical firms specializing in engineering, biomedical research, science-based conservation and education.  Most of the participating firms are Industry Advisory Board members and longtime supporters of the Sonoma County MESA programs.